Seaside Bathers / B&W Pocket Comic Book

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Seaside Bathers / B&W Pocket Comic Book

Seaside Bathers
Joana Rosa Braganca

Revolutionary Comic Book Collection™ - vol. 1

Seaside Bathers by Joana Rosa Bragança (Portugal)
Arana by Sofia Drescher (United Kingdom)
Sick Town by Františka Lachmanová (Czech Republic)
Blossom by Marike Le Roux (South Africa)
Soul by Tereza Vostradovská (Czech Republic)
Truth Investigating Animals by Line Wasner (Germany)

This revolutionary Pocket Comics Strip was printed with a Thermography technique, originally used for printing receipts at cash registers. Ecological printing, no ink used.

Unique THERMO BOOK CONCEPT™ was created by artists Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin specially for edition lidu.

All Rights Reserved © edition lidu, 2014
THERMO BOOK CONCEPT™ is a copyrighted book concept and may not be copied and reproduced.

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