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Scrollino : The new book concept to scroll

Scrollino is the new original book form and editorial concept offering a playful experience to all book lovers. You just need your regular pencil, to scroll down the Scrollino, to read, to draw or write and to scroll it up again. Scrollino was created in 2016 by artists and edition lidu´s founders Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin.

Scrollino was sucessfully pre-launched in June 2016 during the 1 months exhibition Scrollino by edition lidu at le lieu unique in Nantes (France). We are very proud to present the Scrollino First edition that shows the Scrollino in all its beauty, made in France with 100 % biosourced, recyclable, biodegradable and renewable materials.

Created by artists and edition lidu‘s founders Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin in 2016, Scrollino follows edition lidu´s previous experimental project Pocket Comic Books (concept also created by Favardin in 2013 and published in 2014), using thermal printing of POS printers, originally used in cash registers, to publish beautiful black and white illustrated books and comics on few meters long continuous paper strip.

Scrollino takes this concept step further and gives even more playful experience to readers, designers, artists and all book lovers. Nicely designed Scrollino cover has the basic features, almost as a classic book, however it hides a few metres long rolled up piece of paper with an illustrated story, a comics, a children book, a notebook or whatever your heart desires. And to make it even more fun, you just need your regular pencil, to scroll down the Scrollino, to read, to make the image move and to scroll it up again.

Scrollino is an exciting journey of reasearch, design and experimentation with paper and printing techniques, resulting in an unexpected yet fully user friendly mixture of conceptual art, literature and book design. Scrollino brings a challange not only to its users, but also to writers, graphic designers and artists to create new content in a completely unconventional way.


Discover the Scrollino First Edition

Scrollino - Mon Super-Héros (2,93 m)
Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own Superhero? Or even imagine yourself as one? Let's start right now with this 2,93 metres long activity book. Perfect gift for all comics lovers, both kids and adults. With this Scrollino you can create your Superhero step by step by following easy instructions and fun activities. 

Available language editions:
My Superhero (English)
Mon Super-héros (French)


Scrollino - Ma Première BD (1,72 m)
Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin

With this Scrollino you can become a proud author yourself and create your own comics. Ready made frames will help you imagine your scenario and the new Scrollino format will make your creative process even more exciting.
The Scrollino My First comics is suitable for everyone who likes to draw (kids from 3yrs).

Available language editions:
My First Comics (English)
Ma première BD (French)
Il mio primo fumetto (Italian)

Scrollino - Pour Mes Petites Notes (2 m + 4 m of paper to refill)
Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin

The Scrollino For My Notes offers 3 refill paper rolls inside with the length of 6 m total: 1 lines, 1 points and 1 blanc paper roll.
You can simply use it for your shopping lists, notes or work memos, as you can tear off the paper in any desired length.
And there is a plenty of space to be even more creative! Why not to write your 2 metres long story or make your sketches?

Available language editions:
This Scrollino is without text


Scrollino - Origami (2,30 m + 4,60 m of paper to refill)
Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin

A Scrollino Origami - How does it work? First scroll down the paper, tear or cut off the origami paper then follow the instructions above to fold your origami. In the box you will find 3 refill paper rolls, each with different origami papers with beautiful patterns and folding designs such as cat, dog, fox, swan, plane, heart and many more. These small origami will look so nice on your home decorations and gift wrappings.

Available language editions:
This Scrollino is bilingual (English + French)


Scrollino - My box of 12 pencils with a coloring Scrollino (2 m)
Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin

This beautiful Scrollino offers almost endless (in fact 2 m long) space for coloring and drawing for your kids.
And as a charry on the cake, you have 12 color pencils inside the box.

Available language editions:
This Scrollino is available in English and French


Scrollino - LU (2,71 m)
Janus Ojjo

In the Scrollino LU you will scroll down a 2,71 meters long surreal illustration of the famous le lieu unique in Nantes reinterpreted by French illustrator Janus Ojjo.

Available language editions:
This Scrollino is without text

Scrollino - À la Surface (2,86 m)
Amélie Patin

The Scrollino To the Surface hides a 2,86 meters long story taking place in the depths of the sea. While scrolling down the paper you will discover a poetic and beautifully illustrated story by Amélie Patin, artist and author selected among the Young Talents at the International Comics Festival Angouleme 2017.

Available language editions:
To the Surface (English)
À la surface (French)
Del mare (Italian)


Scrollino - Amazing Summer (2,29 m)
Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin

The Scrollino Amazing Summer offers a fun game for kids and the whole family during summer holidays or long winter evenings. Game rules are simple: scroll up, go through the maze, collect all you need for you travel and find the way to your destination.

Available language editions:
This Scrollino is without text

Scrollino - PLAY (2,31 m)
Catarina Gomes

A story of a child exploring the world with a favourite toy given by her mother, created especially for the new Scrollino format to scroll down and up. Illustrated by Catarina Gomes, the winner of the ART BOOKS WANTED International Award 2014.

Available language editions:
This Scrollino is without text


Are you a retailer/stockist and wish to carry out the Scrollino in your bookshop or design store?
Contact us at sales[at]

For Press and media enquiries please go here

Read the Interview with Scrollino inventors here

Scrollino concept © 2014, 2016 edition lidu, Ludmila & Sylvain Favardin.
Scrollino Registered Trade Mark and Design. All Rights Reserved


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