ABW International Award 2014 / Shortlist announced
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EDITION LIDU has the pleasure to announce the shortlist of projects selected for the ART BOOKS WANTED International AWARD 2014. In ABW 2014 we have received total of 247 submissions such as author's books, art and design catalogs, comics, illustrated stories, prototypes and interactive projects from 37 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Lithunia, Montenegro, Namibia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia,  South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA.

Considering the high level of submitted projects the Art direction of EDITION LIDU has selected 116 exciting projects to be presented internationally via the official ART BOOKS WANTED website. The 116 projects will be presented to the International Jury on July 25th 2014. The Jury session will take place at EDITION LIDU's creative space in Prague.

ABW 2014 Shortlist

Botanicula / Amanita Design (Czech Republic)
Bist du bei mir / Andrea Amato & Stefania Giunta (Italy)
Simulatio Apparatus / Jakub Bachorik (Czech Republic)
Beauty and the Beast: The Side Effect of Seduction / Natalya Balnova (USA)
Principles of Jelly Making / Natalya Balnova (USA)
Memorie di Navigazione di Capitan Magenta / Teatro Balocco (Italy)
A mulher que comeu o amante / Mariana Bandeira & Bernardo Élis (Brazil)
Nirgendwo ein Punkt / Iveta Bláhová (CZ / Belgium)
Cakpuss / Petra Blahova (UK)
The Blue Pig / Alejandro Bonilla Rojas (Costa Rica)
Kniha X / Odřej Brom (Czech Republic)
Il sapore delle foglie / Sofia Bucci (Italy)
Bojtky / Pavla Krkošková Byrtusová (Czech Republic)
Heavens + Humans / Lena Gustafson and Peter Calderwood (USA)
Radiolaria / Melinda Capp (Australia)
Neon a / Samuel Čarnoký & Radoslav Sinčák (Slovakia)
The book of fear / Federica Caruso (Italy)
24 Senza Testa / Daniele Catalli & Lucio Villani (Italy)
Léčivky / Barbora Cekotová (Czech republic)
Comment lire ? / Julie Chane-Hive (France)
A Book for Two / Soofiya Chaudry (UK)
Notations of Time / Qi Chen (China)
Magnus v roce X91 / Juliána Chomová & Klára Kolářová (Slovakia / CZ)
Šlabikár Paťmestia / Juliána Chomová & Erik Jakub Groch (Slovakia)
Cuore ferito / Dea Curic (Italy)
Dance / Otto Dettmer (UK)
Doubt as a superposition / Elkeland (Denmark)
The Map of the Infinite House / Kátia Fiera (Brazil)
Neither Here Nor There / Angie Fu (USA)
Anti-Catalog #1 Be Swiss? / Annemarie Brand Galvez (Switzerland)
Eine Stadt / Lilli Gärtner, Christina Gransow & Klaus Bock (Germany)
The Tell-Tale Heart / Mike Favell (UK)
The black rock / Ewa Glowacka & Gerard Moncomble (Poland / France)
Livro para Massajar a Imaginação / Catarina Gomes (Portugal)
Oh Spectrum! / Christina Gransow (Germany)
The Passing of Collier Heights / Lydia A. Harris (USA)
String Theory / Candace Hicks (USA)
Metrovagonmash / Jan Horčík (Czech Republic)
Visualizing Chinese 5000 Years History / Yanwen Hu (China)
Il Cartone Animato / Gaia Inserviente (Italy)
The Metamorphosis of A Minor Arc, I / Moon Jung Jang (USA)
Daningwell Ridge / Jindřich Janíček (Czech Republic)
Mařka / Adéla Marie Jirků (Czech Republic)
Kaviar furs Volk / Hojin kang and collective (Germany)
I-N-T-I-M-A-C-Y / Vaiva Katinaityte (Lithuania)
Fire Theatre / Keren Katz (USA)
Uncontested Spaces / Keren Katz (USA)
Billboard Book #1 / Markéta Kinterová (Czech Republic)
1116 grams / Nikola Klímová (Czech Republic)
Design for editorial series: English literature / Nikola Klímová (Czech Republic)
Design for editorial series: Truman Capote / Nikola Klímová (Czech Republic)
Who knows / Jolanta Klisonyte (Lithuania)
The Story of the Three Little Pigs / Alexandra Kochetkova & Touchanka (Russia)
Stefan Guggisberg: Beginn / Marc Ries & Maria Magdalena Koehn (Germany)
Ten Little Indians/ Marie Kohoutová (Czech Republic)
Vítej v lese! / Lenka Křikavová (Czech Republic)
A Sunset on a wall with three sockets / Yoonjae Lee (South Korea)
In the Cup of Cofee/ Lara Likar (Slovenia)
Já a – Ich vor – / Nora Longatti (CZ / Switzerland)
Collection, Recollection / Ziyan Lu (China / UK)
Za stěnou spánku / Eva Maceková & Kudlapress (CZ / Slovakia)
Gelatology Micro/Macro / Sara Maragotto with Studio Fludd & Inuit (Italy)
Helena Sanchez / Anna Mastníková (Czech Republic)
Keep it simple, keep it dark / Sarah Matuszewski (Germany)
Cryosphere / Eimearjean McCormack (Ireland)
The Cosmic Watermelon / Paul McQuay (UK)
The Globe / Justina Medvedevaite (Lithuania)
ART BOOK – 50 contemporary artists / Bruno Moreschi (Brasil)
Mother Earth / Veronika Nováková (Czech Republic)
Joglowoglo the Moving House / Ahmad Nursalim & collective (Indonesia)
Scales of Babel / Rubén de la Nuez & Danne Ojeda (The Netherlands / Singapore)
730 days / Lenka Opalková (Czech Republic)
I sette biscotti / Lara Orrico (Italy)
Chceš-li tajemství světa znát... / Barbora Páníková (Czech Republic)
Měj ráda sama sebe - Love yourself / Dita Pepe & Barbora Baronová (Czech Republic)
Josef Hoffmann - Creative Sheets / Jitka Petřeková & MG Brno (Czech Republic)
Dušan Jurkovič - Creative Sheets / Jitka Petřeková & MG Brno (Czech Republic)
Ghost Nature / Caroline Picard and collective (USA)
Funeral March / Karolina Pietrzyk (Poland)
Viaciovassocinque / Caterina Pinto (Italy)
Limbo / Playdead (Denmark)
Lithuanian Fashion Photography / Ingrida Prelgauskaite (Lithuania)
365 ° / Darya Primachenko (CZ / Rusia)
Colorjoy / Richard Procházka & Vojtěch Sláma (Czech Republic)
How Buildings Kill / Gareth Proskourine-Barnett (UK)
A Brief History of Time / R. Prost (USA)
Retsop / Dario Quatrini and Andrew Losowky (Italy)
Bathe / Ana Quintanilla and Jessica Leimone (USA)
He is so obsessed with me / Marja Saleva (Finland)
Swell/ Mateusz Sarello (Poland) Shadow of Light / Jana Šašková (Czech Republic)
Casa Libera / Alice Schiavone (Italy)
My a joga... / Denisa Šedivá, Adam Machácek & Sebstien Bohner (Czech Republic)
The Emperor’s New Clothes / Tanja Semion (Slovenia)
Field Guide to the Czech Psyche / Jessica Serran (Canada)
Zelená / Kamila Severová (Czech Republic)
Trading cities 5 / Marina Smit & Italo Calvino (Brazil)
Swedish fairy tales / Taja Spasskova (Czech Republic)
Peter Fabo 2013 / Matěj Lacko (Czech Republic)
Jak na příšery / Daniela Zbytkovská & Karolína Stryková (Czech Republic)
Tráva roste / Alžběta Surá (Czech Republic)
The Golden Tooth of a Polish boy / Anna Suwalowska (Poland / UK)
To infinity / Anna Symonova (Czech Republic)
Herbarium / Maria Szczodrowska (Poland)
Le Jardin d´hiver / Elisa Talentino & Print About Me (Italy)
Gabriel Orozco - thinking in circles / The Fruitmarket Gallery (Scotland)
Insomnia in the work of luise Bourgeois / The Fruitmarket Gallery (Scotland)
Drawing Water / The Fruitmarket Gallery (Scotland)
O holčičce, kterou uzdravily panenky / Jitka Ticháčková (Czech Republic)
Zkratky / Mariana Tutschová (Czech Republic)
Hravouka / Tereza Vostradovská (Czech Republic)
Re-portrait No.1 Sanguandian Art Exhibition 2013 / Jun Wang (China)
2nd Date / Nadav Weisman (Isreal)
Tools / Martina Wember (Germany)
The world between shampoo, ice cream, socks... / Haruka Yamada (Japan)
Subconscious book / Nurten Yuksel (Turkey)

View selected projects here

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